Woods-N-Water, Inc. specializes in providing today's sportsmen high-quality and affordable hunting/fishing adventures including special corporate, group, and parent/child hunting packages.  Woods-N-Water, Inc. currently offers a full line of hunting & fishing trips in middle Georgia - including trophy whitetail deer hunts, eastern wild turkey hunts, wild hog hunts, and bass fishing.

"We now have approximately 5,000 acres of hunting properties covering 3 counties of central Georgia (Johnson, Washington and Laurens).  We use our Plotmaster Plot Planting Machines to plant year-round food plot throughout our properties.  Last year, we planted over 120 acres of wildlife food plots and we provided over 100,000 pounds of supplemental feed (corn, protein pellets and peanut butter) to enhance both the quality and quantity of wild game on our properties."
--Blaine Burley, owner

 Providing Quality Hunting & Fishing Trips for Over 20 Years!!!

Note: All of the above photos are photos of animals harvested on Woods-N-Water, Inc hunts and/or properties managed by Woods-N-Water, Inc.

Note: Success rates are based on opportunities at game on a minimum of 3 Day Hunt.